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Made in the USA
Our medium is derived from the family cattle ranch in Southern Missouri. ​

Our Art & Western Decor, ModernCowboyDesign.com Product line

is produced at our studio in St. Louis, MO 

Each of our one of a kind works of art, and country western prints are named after a city or town in Missouri

Interior designers,  artists, and business partners George Edinger and Tyler McGill opened ModernCowboyDesign.com St. Louis, MO in 2016.  Producing and selling our first Decorated Texas Longhorn skull mount we jumped at the opportunity to put our creative talents to use. Today we have expanded our Western Decor, Modern Cowboy Design product line to include: 

  • Texas Longhorn Decorated Skull Mounts

  • Texas Longhorn Horn Sculptures

  • Country Western DSLR Texas Longhorn Prints

  • Reclaimed Barn Wood Custom Frames & Shadow Boxes

Our products hope to evoke an experience of emotion,

spark conversation, and create lasting memories

for the family and friends that pass through your home. 

We produce only high quality original works,

that are hand crafted and honed to emphasize 

the natural beauty of our medium.

Design interior spaces & produce works of art, that spark conservation & inspire the imagination.


Ever-advancing our skills and perspective. 

We are only as good as the impressions we invoke.

From the country to the city, the cattle ranch to corporate America.

Our combined portfolio of education work ethic & job history have culminated

in a collaboration of knowledge, experience, & imagination.

Modern Cowboy Design Texas Longhorn Horn Sculptures & Skull Mounts