Texas Longhorn Sculptures

A unique use of

vintage designer costume jewelry

collected from local estate sales

embellish each Modern Cowboy Design

Texas Longhorn Skull Mount.

Every Modern Cowboy Design

Texas Longhorn Horn Sculpture

is a one of a kind

 western decor work of art.  

Hand Crafted in St. Louis, MO



Texas Longhorn Horn Sculptures & Skull Mounts

Western Prints & Reclaimed Barn Wood Frames and Shadow Boxes

from the studios of  


Nature Prints, Frames, & Shadow Boxes

Made in the USA

Thinking of remodeling rooms at your home in St. Louis, MO?

Are you in need of interior design service for a remodel of your country house, lake house or cabin

 Let us put a MODERN twist to your next western design. 

Modern Cowboy Design offers a complete range of interior design services, no project is too small.

Our line of  western decor art includes:  Texas Longhorn horn sculptures, decorated skull mounts, 

western longhorn prints, custom reclaimed barn wood frames & shadow boxes. 

​Produced at our studio in St. Louis, MO. 

Texas longhorn prints 

from the Ranch in Southern MO.

​Hand crafted recycled and treated

barn wood frames & shadow boxes 

made at The Frame Shop

by Modern Cowboy Design St. Louis, MO

Texas Longhorn Skull Mount